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Course Pranayama Online Session

Prochains stages & intensives

Temple Bells
Autumn Week - Golden Age Kriyas
Prices: Semaine intensive
Semaine de 6 jours :
( sessions de midi, après-midi et soir )
CHF 750.00
Week-End seulement ( de vendredi à dimanche )  ou les 3 jours durant la semaine ( de lundi à mercredi ) :
CHF 420.00

Pour ceux qui paient et participent « à la Carte » :

Vendredi Soir : soirée intensive
( la Soirée de Stage )

CHF 100.00
Intensif de Midi : CHF 80.00
( la Session corrective de l'Après-Midi ) : CHF 80.00
Intensif du Soir
( la Soirée de Cours )
CHF 50.00


Journée (forfait pour un jour) :



Prix Forfait des 3 semaines

( en forfait la formation 19/20 ) * CHF 1'800.00
* payable avant le 23 septembre 2019
Friday 02 October 2020
Saturday 03 October 2020
Sunday 04 October 2020
Monday 05 October 2020
Tuesday 06 October 2020
Wednesday 07 October 2020

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Videoconference in English/French


I hope you are well ..

I offer you during the whole period of post Coronavirus and after containment

a Pranayama session that will take place every day,
weekends including ..
by videoconference, on Zoom, in English and French.

If you are interested,
from Monday 17.08.2020 from 5.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
on Zoom, you will find the place, attached, on your right -> ..

throughout these coming weeks,
and maybe beyond if you enjoy it,

these sessions are open to everyone ..
all levels combined and free
see you soon ..
always further .. maybe ..

these courses are free,
donations by PayPal will be welcome.

well to you ..

these courses are free, but if you like this kind of course,
or this particular school, Resonant Worlds Institute,
make a donation, because of confinement,
it is at risk of permanently disappear,
therefore donations via PAYPAL are welcome.
also on REVOLUT or on TWINT

Vincent Baettig +41 79 356 67 50 vincent@resonant-worlds.com

for bank transfers here is the IBAN:

IBAN CH81 0079 00 424149 9827 3
Berner Kantonalbank, 3001 Bern / BEKB/BCBE Biel-Bienne

yours truly ..