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Publication provisoire

the 7th New Moon of Year XII ..

आर्द्रा अमावास्य [ardra amavasya] .. beginning आषाढ मास [ashadha māsam] the month dedicated to huge physical workouts and to karmiic emancipation processes .. to be yet finally started ..

Tuesday 2nd of July it’s new moon .. the seventh new moon of this solar year .. आषाढ अमावास्या [ashādhā amavasya], opening आषाढ ठमास [ashādhā māsam], .. the true and wild path to the inner Self .. the guided path through the darkness of the गुरु [guru] .. आषाढ अमावास्या [ashādhā amavasya] was usually time to undertake important pilgrimages around the world, .. important workouts in the caritative fields .. or in the spiritual mountains, for some .. or doing absolutely nothing, and being lazy slut laying in the shadow, for others ..


Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 7th New Moon of आषाढ अमावास्या [ashādhā amavasya], on the 2nd of july 2019, at 21:28

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode

she is an आर्द्रा [ardra] Gemini New Moon journeying through the Gemini constellations of the Cane Major and the Cane Minor .. and specially under the Sirius star, the Big Dog, known to be magical or to produce dog-days .. time for sudden disasters and for calamities like : 
heat waves and droughts, forest fires and terrible epidemics use to happen ..
she receives from this Gemini Sun, a Sagittarius i solar Ascendant ..

.. reminding us that ..

  • the highest level of consciousness is always stimulated by a buddy, a friend or a teacher, we deeply love  .. unconditionnal love is the only stairway to the self, it restores the original fire and the trust within ourselves to understand and serve the true guidance through life ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode

she is a Cancer New Moon, journeying through the Cancer constellations 
of the Hydrae stars .. second decan, House VII ..
the gateway stars from the entanglement of love and hate to unconditional love ..
she receives from this Cancer Sun, a Capricorn j solar Ascendant ..

.. reminding us that ..

  • the best comes often from the worst .. as the worst comes often from the best .. that what we don’t allow to awaken us, can easily kill us .. what we don’t allow to kill us by fatality, can awake us nicely for ever ..
    the Hydrae snake of Cancer d is the archaic symbol of love and hate .. of physical struggle and spiritual embrace, .. of steady evilness and universal wisdom .. the snake is the entanglement with the physical matter .. in Cancer d, it could lead us to the worst, .. as it could preserve us from the worst .. some snake venom is about the best medication against heavy psychic diseases .. of huge stress o burnout, nervous breakdown or heavy lethargy, .. as some leeches and some suckers could be ..

आषाढ [ashādhā] is what will ever remain
pure and untouched in our very inside ..
wild and innate ..
authentic and true ..

.. आषाढ  [ashādhā] is beyond morality and probity ..
.. आषाढ  [ashādhā] is the eternal essence of the Self,
.. आषाढ  [ashādhā] is the full integrity and the total purity,

that sits wildly inside, and for ever ..

no one can take us this integrity and this purity,
without our full consent and allowance ..

by the way,
we never loose or corrupt the Self ..
.. we only misuse the light that leads us to him ..
or we just get lost on the shade way that leads to him ..

.. he was beside us for ever ..
.. he will be beside us for ever ..
.. wild and free ..

now in [ashādhā amavasya],
the ultimate journey to rejoin him can start again ..

.. join the flow the pilgrims ..
.. immerse yourselves in the shades of yourself ..
begin the deep and sweet introspection within your [guru] path ..

check, .. see deeply
what is the very wild and free within yourselves ..
.. and just truly be your Self ..

the गुरु [guru] is not the real light ..
the गुरु [guru] is what inside us sees always true light
whenever we stay, even  in the very middle of darkness ..

and the गुरु [guru] is also the ability to see the true darkness
in someone or something pretending to be pure light ..