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Shiva Moon
Publication provisoire

the 7th Full Moon of Year XII ..

Today it’s full moon .. the seventh full moon of this solar year ..

आषाढ पूर्णिमा [ashadha purnima], .. celebrating आषाढ ठमास [ashadha māsam], the गुरु पूर्णिमा [guru purnima] .. the light of the inner गुरु [guru] .. dissolving all the darknesses from inside ..
.. this full moon will be underlined by a partial lunar eclipse .. provoking a strangely beautiful blood moon .. sign of a possible end of a long cycle of stagnation .. sign of a possible renewal of the unconscious mind ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 7th Full Moon of [ashadha] Tuesday 16th of July 2019 at 23:40 (GMT+2)

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode

आषाढ पूर्णिमा [ashādhā purnima] is the second full moon of Gemini c
at the very limits of the Gemini's constellation ..
she will transit into the [nakshatra] of उत्तराषाढ [uttara ashadha], at 29°57’ of Sagittarius i,
the Sun will enter, an hour later, into the sky of Cancer d constellation ..
at 23:40 this Moon receives a solar Ascendant  in Aquarius k
because of the close presence of @ Ketu, this Full Moon will be red and affected by a partial lunar eclipse  ..


.. reminding us that ..

  • we are always attracted by what we have been ..
    .. past, whatever it has been, has an incredible power of huge seduction and harsh conditioning on our nostalgic and wavering psyche ..
  • in fact we never change, we simply return by a new path, to our ancient home .. and to our wild nature ..
according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode

she is the Cancer d  Full Moon of Year XII ..
the Full Moon of faraway journeys and storms ..
transiting at 24°05 of the third decan of Capricorn j, in House XI ..
in tropical mode, the Sun will finish in a week his journey in the constellation's sky of Cancer d
.. at 23:40, this Moon received a solar Ascendant in Pisces l ..



.. reminding us that ..

  • we are trapped into old dual polarities .. and into ancient dual archetypes ..

.. the first is the ability of being a generous winner .. 
or a peaceful warrior ..  in all what we commit to do ..

.. the second is the temptation of being a complaining looser .. 
or a moaning impostor .. in everything we try to do ..

  • so, with such a red full moon, will you rise as a wild and free god ? 
    or will you fall as an addicted and weak crap ? ..
  •  rise with your revival strength, surprise yourselves ..
  • surf with your true nature, astound yourselves ..

आषाढ पूर्णिमा [ashadha purnima] is the full moon of lord सिव [shiva] ..
.. the vital and spiritual light within ..

and this light is the presence
of our eternal burning essence ..

.. the essence is what is
and always will be
wild and free within ourselves ..

सिव [shiva] is the power
of our eternal and never changing nature ..

.. our wild and free nature ..

« don’t be afraid by the night, just be the night ..
don’t be afraid by the forest, just be the forest ..
don’t be afraid by the end of your fragile world ..
just be the end of your fragile world,
experience the strength, the wildness and the depth of सिव [shiva]
in whatever you are engaged into » ..

« just be the end of your conditioning ..
just be the end of your sufferance ..
be the one you have been designed to be ..
be the one you designed yourself to be ..
be wild, be free, be your self ..

break the jail of shame ..
burn the mold of complacency » ..

.. « be your steady creator,
cease to be your unstable creature
.. be the god within,
the world is just the mirror of your self » ..

« universe is not what you think universe is ..
.. you are what you think universe is »  ..

« the light you see in the universe,
is just your light,

the darkness you see in the universe,
is just your darkness ..

don’t be afraid of this power, ..
enjoy the witness of the spirit » ..

« witness is your ultimate power ..
and this is your ultimate challenge ..
to meet ones self ..
and to be the very witness of your Self » ..