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2nd New Moon of Year IV ..

फाल्गुनी अमावास्या [phalguni amavasya] .. in फल्गुन माष [phalguna māsam] .. the lunation of the roots of our deep desire ..

.. Sunday February 23, 2020 at 4:35 pm, New Moon day, the beginning of the 2nd Moon of the Year IV, फाल्गुनी अमावास्या [phalguni amavasya] .. opening the month of फल्गुन माष [phalguna māsam] .. the tree of fire ..

.. this new moon celebrates the end of the long winter night, started on October 27, 2019 with the new moon of दीपवलि अमावास्या [diwali amavasya], and which now ends on February 23, 2020, with फाल्गुनी अमावास्या [phalguni amavasya] .. a night of four long months ..

.. महत् शिवरात्रि [maha shivratri] is the moment of introspection par excellence, celebrated 2 days before फाल्गुनी अमावास्या [phalguni amavasya] .. महत् शिवरात्रि [maha shivratri] is the great night of सिव [shiva], .. it is a prelude to the coming new moon, it is the occasion for a beautiful internal questioning on one’s true reason for living or being .. in the Vedic tradition, from the 11th to the 13th day of the descent of the full moon towards the new moon, what is  called कृष्ण पक्ष [krishna paksha], forms an ideal period for the introspection of one’s soul, for the revelation of one’s deep and natural desires, hidden in the shadow of the night .. the body .. our body .. the earth ..

Karmic Astrology

Short astrological reading of this 2nd New Moon of February 23 of Year IV, at 4.35 p.m. (GMT + 1) [phalguni amavasya]

according to traditional Vedic astrology, which counts in sidereal mode

.. the New Moon of फाल्गुनी अमावास्या [phalguni amavasya] is 10 ° from Aquarius k, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of शातभिष [satabisha] ..
.. शातभिष [satabisha] is the home of mystics and healers, beings who seek the answers to their questions in voluntary isolation, in purifying asceticism ..

.. this Moon E has her solar ascendant AS and its lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, are at 24 ° from Cancer d, completely isolated in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of अश्लेषा [ashlesha] .. the serpent of the कुण्डलिनी [ kundalini] ..
.. अश्लेषा [ashlesha] is the house of the deep nature of the human, where the notions of good and evil do not yet exist .. अश्लेषा [ashlesha] is the love of one’s existential condition, .. l love of one’s mother, whatever she is, .. the love of an alter ego, one who shares the same origins, the same conditions of existence or the same family of beings, .. the love of one’s कुण्डलिनी शक्ति [kundalini shakti], our energetically matrix .. the love of one’s moods and emotions, which were one’s mother's moods and emotions .. one’s matrix ..

.. Mercury B at 15 ° R of Aquarius k, will meet against the current the conjunction 0 with the Moon E in 1 day, and with the Sun A in 3 days .. Moon E and Sun A are in sextile 2 with Uranus I .. a strange and upsetting change is in the air .. and must be done reluctantly, with art ..

.. Lilith and Chiron are in perfect conjunction 0 in Aquarius k, House of IX .. and in square 3 with Rahu ƒ ..
.. possessive and superficial addictions prevent deep and longed-for desires from being realized .. let go, let's get connected to the essentials, let’s drop the superficial ..

.. Mars F and Ketu ƒ are in conjunction 0 at 11 ° of Sagittarius i .. Mars F is in trine 4 with Uranus I ..
.. the body heals itself of one thing and falls ill again of another .. the spirit is disturbed or lost in its past .. in its cyclical memories and obsessions..

.. Jupiter G at 24 ° from Sagittarius i, in square 3 with Venus C at 24 ° from Pisces l, begins its multiple 0 conjunctions with Pallas P at 20 ° and Pluto K at 30 ° from Sagittarius i, and Saturn H, at 3 ° Capricorn j .. Jupiter G is in trine 4 with Vesta L .. Vesta L is staggered 5 with Juno M at 27 ° R of Virgo f, in House of III .. Juno M is therefore in square 3 with Jupiter G ..
.. this year, to regain dynamism and optimism, it will be necessary to reinvent one’s world, one’s relationships, one’s past .. the old contracts no longer yield satisfaction, it is necessary by mutual agreement to redefine new ones .. the old recipes do not work more .. one partner must not take advantage of the other .. or interfere with the other, a partner must stimulate his partner to achieve their dream ..

.. Venus C at 24 ° Aries a, House of IX, is in semi-sextile 1 with Neptune J .. and Neptune J is in sextile 2 with Jupiter G .. ancient ways of loving resurface, or ancient love stories resurface ..
.. it is time to understand what really attracted each other in the past, without giving in to recidivism or nostalgia .. chaos does not exist, perfect order does not exist, but everything has a meaning .. simply some senses are now over .. chaos, order are just an illusion, they are in our mind the impossible capacity to understand or bear to understand what’s really going on ..

this 2nd new moon of Year IV, in sidereal mode reminds us that,

.. the difficulty is to know how to be alone in these very important and strategic moments, .. being well centered on oneself, .. to understand oneself, to hear what is demanded in oneself with so much insistence .. the current social and relational atmosphere is difficult to manage efficiently, too much noises, too many complaints, too much irritations, too much expectations .. too much weakness .. we have to know how to hear what has been clearly asked of us for a long time, and realize it fully .. simply .. without doing it the announcement .. the sky is in total restructuring .. the new year is taking shape .. let us remain focused on the deepest desires, those that we have never known or dared to realize .. our soul will help us to realizes the big thing very inside ..

according to the new western astrology, which counts in tropical mode ..

.. in tropical mode, the New Moon of February 23 is in Pisces l, her solar ascendant AS is in Leo e .. the first decan of Pisces l is dedicated to Saturn H and Neptune J .. forming an extremely sensitive space-time, making us easily lost into our eternal doubts, into our fears of bankruptcy, into our leaks of responsibility, or into our eternal illusions, .. our impossible achievements because too much air, no ground .. our worn-out nostalgia, because too much emotional, .. we are too much creatures of our minds .. the time is unfortunately regressively oriented .. and too much conservative about one’s resources .. the generosity of being is pretty difficult in these times .. but we loose money for nothing in the same time ..

.. Sun A, Moon E, Mercury BR and Neptune J are united in the waters of Pisces l, in full karmic recapitulation, in mourning of unnecessary expectations .. and in the vain transmission of their unrealized experiences ..

.. Lilith , Chiron and Venus C are in Aries a .. ready to rebuild a new कर्म [karma] or reactivate the old one ..

.. Uranus I and Vesta L are in Taurus b .. ready to rebuild new bases of life .. new paradigms of incarnation .. new ideals ..

.. Mars F, Ketu @, Pallas P, Jupiter G, Pluto K and Saturn H are now all in Capricorn j .. a certain inertia floats in the air .. let us take advantage of this peaceful time, because, the expected and feared change arrives in late March.

.. Juno M all alone at 21 ° R of Libra g, think of his failed marriage .. of all these opportunities reduced to nothing by neglect .. by intolerance .. by principle .. by inadvertance .. we must now wait until the spirits and the bodies regenerate ..

.. we call this end of February Moon, the Slow Moon which holds us back, the Worm Moon which gnaws at us, the Moon which never stops finishing .. we are same time impatient and fearful about what will occur during this year IV ..

this 2nd new moon of Year IV, in tropical mode reminds us that,

.. boredom and anxiety are constantly mixing in us, .. we want change, and we fear it in the same time .. the emotional atmosphere is reminiscent to perinatal matrices, which make us want to get out of it, .. and fear to be loches up, .. and the total apprehension to face of the new coming, .. the fear of death, which would make us give up our precious choices, which would make us wish to step back against odds and tides .. and flee from the reality of things .. for this reason, the days that are coming until February 29, 2020 have to be cherished, have to be used to cogitate and evaluate, to imagine and feel .. to see clearly in us, and to stimulate the other by one’s presence .. it is time to fast in peace .. time to meditate in silence .. time to meet the slowly awaking nature .. we have been secretly in love with what happened and what didn’t happen in our life .. we wish secretly that the same thing happens to us in better and in worse terms, because our mind did not understand or digest what had previously happened to us ..

महत् शिवरात्रि [maha shivratri], the endless night of सिव [shiva] ..

.. the night is not negative in itself, on the contrary, the night nourishes us, protects us and cradles us in its shade, while waiting for our maturation .. for our decantation .. in Latin [umbria], which is at origin of the word « umber » means : secretly nuanced and strangely varied, with subtle hues and multiple variables, which stimulate the imagination, the dream .. the sun awakens, exacerbates and exposes, the shadow induces, protects and explains ..

.. the day celebrates a truth manifested and confronted in time and space, .. in the multiplicity of choices .. the night celebrates the diversity of truths encountered intimately .. in the uniformity of all choices ..

.. the world is one, it is the « self », the journey of our fragmented mind in the light of a day makes us believe that the world is dual or multiple .. the experience can be varied, but the world is one, nothing does not separate the shadow from the light, everything is entangled .. like our body which is one, nothing separates the head from the belly, the hand from the foot, everything is made in one piece .. it is my variable experience and my variable understanding that makes me believe that the world is separate from me, but I’m simply separated from my perception, .. I’m thinking that my body is separated from the light of the stars and the shadow of the earth .. the sensory experience and mental is by definition subjective, my consciousness is in full development or in total blindness, but the true nature of the world becomes and remains different .. my existence is only confirmed by the shadow that I make on the ground, on which I walk .. in my experience, I am only the emotion being the shade, the emotion being the ground, the emotion being the sunlight .. as the emotion being the flesh of my emotional body .. these elements compose by my perceptions, my subjective and emotional experience .. the separation that I see from the world, reflects only my illusion, and my separation from myself .. the distance, the time, are not the separation, .. the separation is the obstacle created by my suffering « me », by the trauma of not wanting / being able to be one in myself and one with the world that contains me .. by not being able to dissociate the experience of the « that » .. or the memory of the « me » with the experience of the « self » .. infinite and indivisible .. if I say : this is my body, this is my embodiment, .. the body says nothing in return .. the body is not manifestly identifying itself to myself  ..

.. the new moon of  अमावास्या [phalguni amavasya] is there to help me understand my life, my desires, my behaviors, .. in order to better welcome my questions and my answers .. because the answer that the question makes resonate in me, must come from the heart and should completely calm me down .. I am the source of my peace, as I am the source of my fear .. I must discover my inner process and understand my intimate desires, to confront the process of the world .. and adapt myself to the desires of time, .. because a desire without understanding is only a trap,  a future obstacle .. I am the only one who can explain myself in the darkness, in the shadow of the new moon, my darkness .. the meaning of my life and my death, the sense of the formed world and of its imminent transformation ..