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2nd Full Moon of Year IV ..

फाल्गुनी पूर्णिमा [phālguni purnima] .. in फल्गुन माष [phālguna māsam] the moon of the dance around the tree of life ..

.. in the evening of Monday March 9, 2020 at 6:49 pm, it is the time of the Full Moon, फाल्गुनी पूर्णिमा [phalguni purnima] .. the apotheosis of the 2nd Moon of Year IV .. she nourishes the emergence of an underlying desire, coming from the very bottom of our guts, .. she stigmatizes the spasmodic drive getting reborn from our dead, in our buried roots .. she awakens envy of life in our wild origins, written in our limbo, .. she symbolizes our wish to be alive .. and relive our initial desire, written deep in our genetic code .. our primordial soil .. or into the depth of our spine ..

.. the energy of our humoral vase awakens .. the energy of our own bacterias starts to work in the earth of our unconscious .. life begins virally to work in us, .. by us or in spite of ourselves .. for the better or for the worse ..

.. this Full Moon announces the imminent and saving arrival of spring, वसन्त [vasanta] (the spring equinox will manifest on March 20, 2020, at 5:43 am), .. she arouses the resurgence of the convulsive and primal desire, getting reborn with great efforts from the fertile black of our earth, from the fullness of silence, from the whiteness of our eternal rest, from the emptiness of peace .. and the dark blue teal of the sky of our winter, she is the call to meet our eternal spirit .. this motionless mirror which reflects everything and its contrary .. this year, the 2nd Full Moon the first « super moon » .. so close from earth, we feel we could even touch her ..

Karmic Astrology

Short astrological reading of this 2nd Full Moon on March 9, Year IV, at 6:49 p.m. (GMT + 1) 

according to traditional Vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

.. Moon E is at 25 ° 30 from Leo e, House of XII .. she has just been overtaken by her solar ascendant AS, which is now 0 ° from Virgo f .. its lunar ascendant, Part of Fortune D, is at 0 ° of Pisces l, with her solar descendant DS, which has barely transited above the Sun A, respectively at 25 ° and above Neptune J at 24 ° of Aquarius k, in House of VI .. house of empathy of oneself for the other and the possessive desire of oneself for the other .. morality and venality mixes these days ..

... Venus C at 11° and Uranus I at 10° of Aries a, are in perfect conjunction 0 in House of VIII, .. house of completions and non-completions, .. awakening the joy and the fear of reaching one day ones goal .. because reaching the goal means the death of the seeker ..

.. Lilith at 11° and Chiron  at 10°, are in conjunction 0 in Pisces l, House of VII, house of excellence and failure .. the art of striking a balance between a new contract which implies in a new way .. and loyalty to an old contract which complicates in the old way ..

.. Mercury B at 4°R in Aquarius k, House of V, is still retrograde on this day until 11:20 pm .. missed acts and pandemics, rantings and misunderstandings will rise for the last time and dissipate, .. the anxious and the alarmists will be able to calm down, and regain their common sense or their earlier indolence.

.. Juno MR always retrograde, cancels her bellicose quintile 5 antagonisms with Vesta L and Chiron .. she accepts her karmic solitude in emphatic phase with Pallas P, the eternal solitary fighter .. everything is temporary, in the material space .. everything is eternal in the virtual dimension, .. the creative emptiness is source of all forms and possibilities .. we are united forever in the self, even if we seem to get closer or more separated in the duality of experience ..

.. Jupiter G at 27° of Sagittarius i, increases its conjunction 0 with Pluto K at 0° and Saturn H at 5° of Capricorn j .. any travel will be limited, movement in the world will be contingent .. virulent epidemics of influenza, exceptional or ordinary, will put us all in quarantine, for at least a month .. maybe more ..

.. March F will be in conjunction 0 with Pallas P from March 3 .. and with Jupiter G from March 16, 2020 .. the body will stabilize slowly, seasonal or exceptional viral epidemics will calm down by themselves and fall asleep .. without real scientific understanding and without rational explanation .. simultaneously, what was destabilized in the body, gets back into balance .. what was miraculously on the back burner, goes back into crisis, to its habit .. Jupiter G in close conjunction 0 with Pluto K, Saturn H, Pallas P and Mars F, means for us the return to one's current affairs and one's usual problems, .. known and ordinary .. at the same time, the sidereal entry of Jupiter G in Capricorn j, sign secretly a massive change of modus vivendi important to adapt ourselves .. and to survive this hectic Year IV .. we are our own danger .. our only danger ..

in sidereal mode, this full moon Leo e, ascendant Virgo f, reminds us that ..

.. we are all in spite of ourselves linked together, .. we share the same land, the same space, the same bodily biology, which binds us together by similarity and by proximity, .. like a genealogical tree will do .. and therefore ultimately, by the sharing the same psyche .. astrology, in sidereal mode, always reminds us that personal psychology is in fact a global and transpersonal ecosystem .. a cloud server .. in their way the movement of the planets reflects the conditioning and the behavior of our immune body, and of our humoral vase .. the earth is our body .. and the body is our earth, and the soil is possible development of everything, .. it is he what welcomes or somatizes all pathologies in our bacterial terrain .. without knowing it, we see the world as our human body .. we believe we can create borders, separate a part of ourselves, from the other parts of ourselves, to protect us from our immune weaknesses .. from our lack of fire and from our great ignorance .. but our bodies and our minds  are all built the same and all connected together .. we are not the authors of this engineering, but we are the users .. bacterias and viruses are parts of us .. we are their soil ..

.. for any emotional person who is either physically weak, .. who is financially exposed, .. or who is socially dependent, this astrological period is really not pleasant or not favorable to live .. this full moon is disillusioning, she may tend to create, in the ordinary being that we are all : withdrawal and segregation, .. protectionism and distrust of the stranger .. fear of the invisible enemy and of the pernicious inside demon .. fear of oneself .. and fear of other ..

.. and these panic energies will go crescendo until March 29, 2020 .. whereas from another point of view, this period can help us to understand so much the advantages and disadvantages of our collective psyche, .. and of our collective unconscious .. for an ordinary being that we are all, feeling right now so separated from the world, increases the negative impact of the emotional tsunami of the collective psyche .. and the collective unconscious .. to escape from a pathology, we must understand it by confronting it together .. and not fear it by fleeing it .. the pathology is not only in the world, it wakes up in oneself, fed by the fears of the collective unconscious ( and we are eight billions, imagine the nasty psychic wave we can create all together by fear) .. or hopefully, fought by the cohesion of the psyche collective .. paradoxically, everyone feels alone and isolated, in the fight against illness and invasion of nasty viruses, facing fear of winter, facing fear of an expected end  .. while psyche and our body were designed by collective technology, we all discover a psyche and your own bodies which were not designed by ourselves, but simply experienced with total ignorance by ourselves .. we know neither the capacities of our inherited psyche, nor the powers of our adopted body, .. we have only experienced our improvisation, our guess what .. our partial learning of human technology .. the truth of the possible and the certain is and remains elsewhere .. beyond our reach ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. the Full Moon is at 19° 38' of Virgo f and its solar ascendant AS, is also in Virgo f .. its Part of Fortune D is at 24° of Pisces l, together with its solar descendant DS, .. the solar descendant DS is the surrounding load which limits us and which anchors us all at the same time .. the solar descendant DS represents the common origins, the roots of the family tree which act in us by contradiction with our own and individual will, the solar ascendant AS ..

.. by having the Sun A at 20° and Neptune J at 18° of Pisces l, it seems that temporarily, by the force of imposed quarantine that we undergo, we are protected in spite of ourselves, from the worst tendencies of ourselves .. from what karmically threatens us for a long time in the past, weakness and indolence .. a karmic past which it would be advisable to newly re-analyze, in order to better re-understand it nicely and better re-move with it ... nothing is negative in itself, because everything stems from a conscious logic confronting, without knowing it, a global unconscious intelligence ..

.. Lilith at 5° and Chiron at 4° are already in Aries a, in House of VII, in extravagant delusions .. and in panic fears of spring surprises .. we secretly love what we fear, and we fear what we love, without knowing .. for an ordinary being, to love makes depend .. and to depend makes love by the force of things, by domestication .. by attachment ..

.. Uranus I at 4° and Venus C at 5° of Taurus b, in House of VIII, .. make us take somewhat disproportionate businesses and risks, which could quickly exceed our personal capacities and our real needs .. creating more fears that enthusiasm ..

.. Vesta L at 26° of Taurus b, in House of  IX, remains alone in Taurus b .. and sees her inner predator, Rahu ƒ, the hope destroyer, at 5° R of Cancer d, slowly approaching .. the inner predator, the part dark of our own mind, knows that we are not what we claim to be in our pretended light ..

in tropical mode, this full moon Virgo f, ascendant Virgo f, reminds us that ..

.. we flirt with desires and desires, but we are unconsciously afraid that our desires and desires, will stop when we have reached their true goal, their true end .. we believe to be the songwriters of our desires , while we are only the creatures of our desires, we are manipulated by desires which are not ours .. but those of someone else .. someone is haunted by my desires, and I am haunted by someone else's desires .. this unwanted and blind experience unconsciously makes me completely panic .. because it leads me to an abyss that I pursue without knowing it and wanting it .. viral energies haunt me and attract me closer to my predator .. to my fears of my total vulnerability ..

होली पूर्णिमा [holi purnima]  ..

.. this full moon is also called : होली पूर्णिमा [holi purnima], .. she celebrates the close end of the current Hindu year, विकारिन् [vikarin] .. and announces the new coming year : शर्वरिन् [sharvarin] ..

.. शर्वरिन् [sharvarin] is the journey through the unknown, into the dark, at the very end of the night, by mastering your apprehensions and our projections, serenely forgetting all our vain expectations and all our hazardous identifications .. by following with attention and determination, the guidance of the twinkling stars of our unlimited sky .. because our mind separated from the world, does not let us see the truth of the world .. the limits and beliefs of our mind let us see only its own individual problems and its own personal obsessions in everything it perceives ..


शुक्ला पक्ष [shukla paksha] and कृष्ण पक्ष [krishna paksha] ..
the moon, her ascending phase and her descending phase ..

.. फाल्गुनी पूर्णिमा [phalguni purnima] is located in sidereal mode, at 25 ° 30 from Leo e, at the end of नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of पूर्वफल्गुनी [purva phalguni] .. at this precise moment of her fullness, she projects us energetically six months ahead in time .. in our promising hope of next summer, when in the first decan of September, the fruits of the fire tree of Year IV, will have reached maturity .. the fire tree is the date palm, the fig tree or the camphor tree, but it is above all, the celebration of शिवलिङ्ग [shiva lingam], the fulfilled marriage of सिव [shiva] with his सक्ति [shakti] .. the manifested time of abundance and the ecstasy of power (pro-) creative, by the power of his fire, his personal power over himself .. over his own movement .. फाल्गुनी पूर्णिमा [phalguni purnima] is the revelation of our own psychic tree of life .. the seat of the कुण्डलिनी [kundalini] ..

.. in the lunar cycle, the शिवलिङ्ग [shiva lingam] represents, in the journey towards the full moon, the शुक्ला पक्ष [shukla paksha], the desire of the divine spirit in oneself, सिव [shiva], for his सक्ति [ shakti], for the energy which contributes to the physical realization of the inner self, in matter and time, by overcoming the obstacles of one's own mind .. which makes us believe to feel separated from the world .. or to be individualized by sufferance ..

.. whereas in the path towards one's new moon, the कृष्ण पक्ष [krishna paksha] represents an introspective aspect more introverted, more abstract, because to our eyes, if the Moon E is closer to her Sun A, she also becomes at the same time, more absorbed (= unreal) and more sequestered (= hidden) by him, therefore more rebellious and more savage .. she represents the quality of perception of the non-visible, the unmanifest .. the remainder of the impossible of the realized .. and or, the possible of the non realized .. we cannot be one, by wanting to remain two .. if we love passionately the honey of love, we will have to accept sooner or later with love, to be this very honey eaten with passion ..