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5th Full Moon of Year IV ..

यैष्ठ पूर्णिमा [jyestha purnima] .. in ज्यैष्ठ मास [jyestha māsam] .. a full moon which celebrates the almighty power of love on our ordinary psyche ..

Friday June 5, 2020, at 9:12 p.m. (GMT + 2) it's Full Moon day, the apotheosis of the 5th Moon of Year IV (2 + 0 + 2 + 0) .. accompanied by a first penumbral lunar eclipse ..

.. ज्येष्ठ पूर्णिमा [jyestha purnima] in ज्यैष्ठ मास [jyestha māsam] .. it transits at 1°42' of the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of यैष्ठ [jyestha], in Scorpio h .. she is the third and last Full Moon of the Spirits of the Winds .. a full moon of Scorpio h, .. a veritable ode to the purification of the memory of the relationship .. and the memory of the spirit of the couple .. a full moon conducive to the long-awaited sowing of the earth .. and long-awaited spirits .. Venus C having become retrograde from May 13 last, and this until June 24, this full moon of यैष्ठ [jyestha] announces a harsh but nevertheless salutary storm, in our romantic relationships, and in the sphere of our intimacy, .. fixing new relational modes or new modes of social distancing ..
.. moreover, the major solar eruptions which started at the 5th New Moon past, create a state of important magnetic turbulences, .. cold and tormented winds, .. violent and sudden storms, .. freezing and destructive storms, have to be expected for at least the next 15 days, until the Summer Solstice on June 20 at 11:35 p.m.  and till the 6th New Moon on June 21 which follows after at 8:35 a.m .. it will cause an impressive series of first penumbral, then annular eclipses of the Sun A and the Moon E until mid-July 2020 .. if the storm will be somewhat impressive outside, it will be even more overwhelming and violent in our privacy .. something rings in the air the end of an old and past world ..

.. conditional or unconditional love is an almighty, an absolute power, over our ordinary psyche .. it subjects the magnet as much as the loved to the power of the archetypes of self-advent and self-transcendence .. if the love is a quality, let us never forget that it is a symbol of all power over the mortal self and over eternal death .. a-mour .. means : beyond sufferance of death .. beyond the limit of death .. is a space of love ..

Karmic Astrology

Quick astrological reading of ज्येष्ठ पूर्णिमा [jyestha purnima] this 5th Full Moon on June 5 of Year IV, at 9:12 p.m. (GMT + 2), on the evening of a strange big day that slowly ends ..

according to traditional vedic astrology, which counts in sidereal mode ..

.. in sidereal mode, at the full moon of ज्येष्ठ पूर्णिमा [jyestha purnima], the Sun A at 21°, the Part of Fortune D or the solar descendant DS, at 20° and Venus C at 18° are aligned 0 in Taurus b, House of VII .. the Full Moon of ज्येष्ठ [jyestha] is therefore in Scorpio h and solar ascendant AS in Scorpio h ..
.. time to clean up the old fusion memories .. time to clean the couple of its psychic spider webs ..

.. the Sun A is in quarter of sextile (= + 10° to -15° of interference) from Rahu ƒ at 6°R, Vesta L at 7° and Mercury B at 15° of Gemini c, also in House of VII .. worry and carelessness, as in front of a cosmic siphon which could swallow us all by the Gate of the Sun A and take us definitively to another world ..

.. the Sun A is in sextile 2 with Lilith at 20° of Pisces l, House of IV .. which slowly breaks its links with Chiron at 15° from Pisces l, in House of III .. Chiron which is in semi sextile 1 with Ceres O at 16° from Aquarius k, which Mars F has just left .. and Chiron which is also in semi sextile 1 with Uranus I at 15° from Aries a, House of V .. temptation to do too much, fear of not doing enough .. anxiety that the same errors will occur .. desire for revolutions and return of karmic temptations are back ..

.. Lilith is in semi-sextile 1 with Mars F at 22° of Aquarius k, House of III, which approaches Neptune J, at 27° of Aquarius k in House of III also .. Lilith which is in sextile 2, at 60° from the alignment 0 of Venus C at 18°, of the Part of Fortune D at 20° and of the Sun A at 21° of Taurus b .. materialistic desires, hedonistic desires, when you take us again and when will you lose us again ?..

.. Mars F will make the astrological news during the summer, in its passage in Pisces l, until next September 10, when it will become retrograde, arrived at 4° of Aries a .. the body that was rather fragile during confinement, seems to be gaining strength and immunity again, .. are we going to abuse this body as before ? .. with doing or no-doing ?..

.. the cluster of Pluto KR, Jupiter GR, Pallas PR and Saturn HR currently in Capricorn j, House of II, will return from June 29, 2020, one after the other, back in Sagittarius i, their house before the confinement .. only Saturn HR will remain bordering up to 1° of Capricorn j, on 28.9.2020, before returning to progressive mode .. Neptune JR and Uranus IR being still durably retro, here we are, as what regards the position of the distant planets, which have created this year 2020 so difficult, almost exactly where we were on past January 1, 2020 .. the conditions of a pandemic, of a confinement and of a global crisis, are almost identical .. only the planets Mercury B, Venus C and Mars F, as well as Rahu ƒ and Ketu @, are placed in other aspects .. let us remain vigilant .. become intelligent .. let us relate to each other then differently ..

in sidereal mode, this 5th Full Moon of Scorpio h reminds us that ..

.. we must remain honest to ourselves, .. to the logic and to the intelligence of our body, .. to its vitality and to its health, .. the feeling of living life deliberately, is the greatest gift for a living being .. the rest is only detail of the precarious history of an existence on earth, detail of infinite cycles of successive reincarnation .. the essential is life, and the depth of the experience of our life ..

according to the new western astrology, which counts in tropical mode

.. in tropical mode, this Full Moon is 16 ° from Sagittarius i, second decan dedicated to Moon E and Jupiter G, its solar ascendant AS is at 14° of Sagittarius i .. she is the Honeymoon .. the Moon of Strawberry or Cherry .. sexual symbols of spontaneous and natural desire, light .. she is the Full Moon E of important, strategic Plantations .. we plant what we have in heart .. and what we could not do without ..

.. her Part of Fortune D, the lunar ascendant, is with the Sun A and Venus C at 14° of Gemini c .. it announces a Summer Solstice perfectly surrounded by two Full Moons in lunar eclipse, with a Sun A in solar eclipse in her center .. it also announces an extended month a आदिक मास [adhik maas], for the month of October 2020, a double month for आश्विनी [ashwini] during which it will be advisable to undertake nothing important of heaven, with no help, partner or confidant in sight ..

.. the Summer Solstice occurs exactly where Rahu ƒ is at 30°R of Gemini c and in conjunction 0 with Vesta L at 1° of Cancer d, .. Rahu ƒ is an eclipse maker, a privilege eater, an eternal confrontator of false kings .. a rebel against all established authorities .. Vesta L is her opposite, she is the one who cleans the dark memories of the past, .. she allows a being to evolve towards its true light .. for that, she paradoxically sacrificed her life to the true tradition, to the worship of the true ancestors and to the sake of the true spiritual community .. she is the guardian of the temple of purity .. guardian of the fire of spring, at the hour of the little morning .. this year, the asteroids of the eternal feminine have all had opposite and contradictory postures .. Vesta L, like the other asteroids, can only count on itself lost in the vacuum of space sidereal, exposed to Rahu ƒ, a true devourer of hope and confidence in others .. Chiron is bound by Lilith .. Cérès O is absorbed by Neptune J, .. Pallas P is confined by Pluto KR, Saturn HR and Jupiter GR .. and Juno M is lonely in a relationship desert, she the matchmaker, the faithful and official wife, is lost in the western part of the sky, with no help, no partner and no confidant in sight ..

in tropical mode, this 5th Full Moon of Sagittarius i reminds us that ..

.. this year is based not only on the sign of confinement, but more than that still, under the sign of emotional loneliness .. we are locked up with the beings with whom litigation and crises feed without end .. and the beings complementary, desired, distant, lost in their solitary obsessions, in their complexes and their anxiety .. this year will have had the merit of emphasizing our eternal contradictions and our old claustrophobias .. still still active .. and our true schizoid natures and our old traumas still not treated .. still still alive .. complex and susceptibilities still have a long life in front of them .. they put us on the edge of the road to real life ..